Y O U / M E

You/me is a work of projected video in a darkened room. It was initially produced for a symposium and exhibition of work by artists and scientists titled "Threshold: Limits of Perception." The event was sponsored by Denis Pelli at the Perceptual Psychology department of NYU.

Three projection screens: 7'X7'(2) and 7'X3'(1). Three video projectors. (contrast increased here for the sake of illustration)

Description: On entering the room the viewer encounters three luminous screens seven feet tall and a total of seventeen feet across, that wrap around the opposite corner of the room. As the viewer's eyes adjust the luminosity gives way to a suggestion of imagery so liminal that it's hard to be confident it's more than a perceptual artifact or a product of the imagination. Vestigial forms are so unfocussed and low in contrast as to be nearly imperceptible. Slow changes in movement and tone engage the viewer's attention, as the images hover on the edge of decipherability. One experiences the emergence (and active nature) of perception as the images seem to coalesce out of light. Experiencing oneself perceiving, becomes part of the subject of the work. A soundtrack of soft wind hovers on the edge of seeming hushed whispering. In this quiet and luminous environment one is confronted with one's own mind at work.

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