Black Paintings - 1994

Posture I

Posture II

Posture III

These three painting would be the last paintings I would do for many years. They simplified the field to the nude body in a black void. Nothing from the external world seemingly interrupts this solipsistic reverie. The figures are embedded in and embossed by many layers of hand painted images and text taken from correspondence, drawings, books and notes. The process of developing these pieces was labor intensive. The text was hand painted with the help of friends. We spent many companionable hours on this repetitive, but not unpleasant, task. Each layer was "melded" into the painting with a thin veil of black paint. The bottom-most layers were nearly entirely obscured in this process. The only remnant of their existence was a slightly raised surface or variation in sheen. Thus, the process of painting became a metaphor for the way experience is embedded in the body and obscured over time. The figures on a black field were precursors of the darkened, theatrical spaces of the installation work to come. IMF

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