Foo's NestFoo's Nest           Materials mixed with photographs (pigment prints) 8'X4'

As the sound of a thunderclap is instantaneously incorporated into a dream, so objective and subjective reality interact and seamlessly combine.  We walk on the same earth but live in different worlds.

Experience is drenched in illusion:  From the subatomic level where some physicists suggest there may be no there there – that material reality may not exist; to the more everyday ways that the power of illusion molds our experience of the world.  We regularly experience and believe in things that, like phantom limbs, are generated from within.  These powers are important for our survival and allow us to do things we would otherwise not be able to do.  Without visualization the basketball would rarely meet the basket.  But as jihadists strap bombs on their bodies on the way to heaven and ideologues of all stripes increasingly dictate the terms of shared culture – it becomes imperative to understand the nature of our illusions. By means of these illusions we reach into the depths of our potential, for good and harm.

In 2002 I returned to painting after several years teaching and working with digital media.  It came naturally to add these new methodologies to my palette.  I use the computer together with a large format printer to combine photographic imagery with paint and other physical materials in such a way as to confound the viewer as to which is which.  I embed these effects within a space that evokes mental landscapes; worlds etched by commingling rivulets of body, mind and matter.

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