Interior Decorating ILayers of "weather" were layered over the surface. You can see remants of the original image underneath . Three areas of the original were left unchanged (upper left, lower left and lower right). Those parts were cut out of the original and bonded with the digital print.

Interior Decorating OriginalThis was the original painting from which Interior Decorating I was derived -- a conglomeration of paint, materials and detritus. A photograph of this painting was manipulated in the computer.

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With Interior Decorating, I dove into the possibilities of computer manipulation. I was mesmerized by the interface between physical and digital material. I had bumped into a technique for creating illusions: bewildements between materials and their photographic representation. I began to feel that the relationship between working in the computer and working with physical materials could work as a metaphor for the ever curious relationship between mind and world. By photographing the physical object and then taking the image into the computer I could essentially engage in the sort of processing that we do on our sensory data. I could mimic the manipulation inherent in building a cohesive world view and/or illusion.

Oddly(and perhaps fittingly), this activity turned out to be peculiarly compulsive. I worked and reworked what was essentially the same image for over a year. Concerned friends began to talk about an "intervention". But isn't this what we do when driven to have the world a certain way? This was not the relaxed apprehension of the parts to the whole whereby Venus could be formed of mud, bit an idee fixe.

As the sound of a thunderclap is instantaneously incorporated into a dream, so objective and projected worlds interact and combine.

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