September 9 - October 28, 2005

As the sound of a thunderclap is instantaneously incorporated into a dream, so objective and subjective reality interact and seamlessly combine. 

My sometimes collaborator Gillian Brown and I showed separately authored work together at Flatfile Gallery in Chicago in the fallof 2005. We were not in frequent contact during the development of the work so we were surprised to find that we had both consulted popular accounts of contemporary physics as part the working process.

One of the variations of string theory would have it that the our universe exists within a "brane". Although the derivation of "brane" is membrane, the correlation with "brain" is inescapable. On more theoretically solid ground, quantum mechanics has shown (and experimentally demonstrated) that sub-atomic events are altered by perception. Although full interpretation of this fact is beyond the realm of science, there are those who believe that reality is a product of consciousness. Whether or not this is true, I find this slippery subatomic realm to be in poetic resonance with lived experience. We believe so strongly in a reality that is largely self created. The hard material facts are mentally organized and seamlessly combined with subjective reality to create immensely powerful illusions.

The illusions in this show were simple and playful but nonetheless part of the process of working out the potential of visual illusion in grappling with lived experience.

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Yellow Yonder Yellow Yonder 3 Polka Whether Real or Imagined I Whether Real or Imagined I from side
Schrodinger & Interior Interior Decorating I Schrodinger Whether Real or Imagined II

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